MiiD Winter School

I loved make it in designs summer school so much I just had to take part in the winter equivalent! The design challenge runs for a four week period and this time I decided to immerse myself fully taking on all three tracks (beginner, intermediate and advanced) Three tracks meant six different trend led briefsContinue reading “MiiD Winter School”

MiiD Summer School

Make it in design summer school runs for four weeks each summer, I was late to the party and joined two weeks in…I was trying to resist as I’m in the middle of a MiiD course already but, the pull of some shiny briefs from @porter_and_brawn was impossible to say no to! I worked onContinue reading “MiiD Summer School”

My First Post!

Hello!!! 2020 as it has for so many, completely flipped our world upside down….I am grateful however that, thus far the C word đŸ˜· hasn’t directly affected my health or the health of my loved ones. Despite that blessing, myself and my fiancĂ© are unfortunately one of the millions of couples planning a 2020 weddingContinue reading “My First Post!”