MiiD Summer School

Make it in design summer school runs for four weeks each summer, I was late to the party and joined two weeks in…I was trying to resist as I’m in the middle of a MiiD course already but, the pull of some shiny briefs from @porter_and_brawn was impossible to say no to!

I worked on endless patterns for all four briefs, ‘Sundown’,’Neon Fanatic’, ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Floral collage’ exploring new techniques and developing skills along the way. MiiD has been such an amazing tool for me, feel like I am constantly learning and improving. 🎨👩🏼‍💻

Everyday at the moment is such a joy, I’m completely in love with this new found discovery of creating patterns and am very excited about what the future will bring!

Here are my final four submissions in mock ups.

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