My First Post!


2020 as it has for so many, completely flipped our world upside down….I am grateful however that, thus far the C word 😷 hasn’t directly affected my health or the health of my loved ones.

Despite that blessing, myself and my fiancé are unfortunately one of the millions of couples planning a 2020 wedding who had no choice but to cancel 🙁 and I found myself unemployed (after a long period of furlough) from a dream job in costume, at a major tourist attraction in central London I had held for over a decade!

So……here I am starting a new journey with all you beauties! Thanks for stopping by 😊💃🏼

Immediately on learning my fate with employment I thought of all the avenues my skills could take me. I had been trying to find a way to work in a creative role closer to home ever since our beautiful daughter entered the world in November 2018. I wasn’t expecting it to be sprung on me the way it has been but, it certainly gave me the push I needed.

I headed out, invested my savings in a new Mac and enrolled on the Miid The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course. Best decision and I haven’t looked back!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love print and colour through my wardrobe choices alone 😂 That shear love of all things pattern and colour linked with my bachelors degree in fashion, artistic ability and adobe software knowledge, surface design was a perfect fit!

I look forward to sharing my creative world with you all, watch this space! 🌈💕

Lockdown walks with my babe ☺️💕

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